Small Animal Surgical Nursing Skills and Concepts 2nd Edition
Marianne Tear, MS, LVT


VSPN Review by Brenda K. Feller,CVT, RVT, VTS (Anesthesia)Star
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When I saw Ms. Tear was the author of this textbook I was expecting that it would be a good reference as I have enjoyed reading the author’s articles in veterinary technician magazines through the years, and I was not disappointed.

This book was published as a textbook for use in veterinary technician schools, but I feel that any veterinary practice that performs surgery would benefit from having this as a reference in their library. The information contained in the text should be up to date for years to come and would be an excellent reference book not only for new employees and graduates but as a refresher to those of us who have been around for some time. This text covers a wide range of aspects in the surgical nursing field as well as areas that I feel other texts exclude, such as cleaning of surgery instruments, explanation of scavenging systems, techniques for maintaining body temperature during surgery, opening packs, and the list goes on, right down to discharge instructions. The text also includes an appendix, glossary and index. A feature I found unique was the detailed contents page at the front of the text where each chapter is further broken down with page numbers which provides quick access to specific information in the text. Additionally, Paige Allen, Teri Raffel, and Ann Wortinger (veterinary technician instructors at well known veterinary technician programs) are contributing authors.

Each chapter starts with key terms, an outline, and learning objectives. Each chapter ends with key points and review questions. I found this layout to be an excellent way to evaluate what I retained from reading the chapter. There are 570 photos that do an excellent job of illustrating key points as well as numerous tables throughout the book that highlight key points and are excellent for quick reference.

The breadth of this book is amazing and includes information that can be used in everyday clinical practice and not just during surgery. It was written in a way that made reading easy and enjoyable. The chapters include: Preoperative Room Considerations, Preoperative Patient Considerations, Operating Room Personnel, Asepsis, Patient Monitoring, Surgical Assisting-Duties during Surgery, Surgical Procedures, The Postoperative Patient, Postoperative Surgery Room and Equipment, Client Education for Postoperative Care and last but certainly not least - The Technician’s Role in Pain Management. This text illustrates how a well trained veterinary technician is an asset to the practice and can help to make the practice run smoothly and efficiently.

Inside the front cover is an address for a website that promises website access to an image collection and surgical instrument identification exercises. This is only available for instructors who adopt this text and students using this text in their courses. The website includes study aides for students and power point pictures for instructors to use in class; a definite plus for veterinary technician educators as well as students. Many of the pictures are in the book so the fact that a casual buyer would not have access does not diminish the value of this textbook.

I do have some minor issues with this text. While describing how to perform some procedures, it infers there is only one correct way in which to perform tasks. As a veterinary technician for several years and working with multiple veterinarians both general practitioners and board certified veterinary surgeons, I find these tasks will be surgeon dependant and I felt this fact should have been pointed out, especially for students who use this text. There are also some anesthesia misconceptions in the textbook that, while they may not threaten a patient’s life, are incorrect. I would have liked to have seen a VTS (Anesthesia) technician as one of the authors for the anesthesia and pain management sections.

Elsevier Health (2012)

336 pages; 570 illustrations; soft cover

ISBN: 978-0-323-07735-4

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Date Published: May 8, 2012

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