Medical Terminology: A programmed system approach 10th edition
Jean Tannis Dennerell and Phyllis E. Davis


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Medical Terminology: A Programmed System Approach, 10th edition, by Jean Tannis Dennerell and Phyllis E. Davis is a large soft cover, spiral bound text book. Like its paperback cousin, it includes a Study Ware CD and flashcards. The book is divided into 15 units and includes six appendices. Dennerell and Davis start the text with the traditional preface and acknowledgements but move into discussing how to use the text, the Study Ware CD and the program immediately.

Unit One begins with the word building system, introducing the various word parts, parts of speech and plural formation. Unit Two discusses surgical suffixes, hematology and diagnostic imaging, while Unit Three moves into oncology and the central nervous system. Unit Four discusses orthopedics, osteopathy and body regions before segueing into Unit Five which addresses pathology, otorhinolaryngology and such prefixes as: dys-, brady-, tachy-, poly-, and syn-. Unit Six takes on urology and gynecology while Unit Seven delves into gastroenterology. Unit Eight discusses neurology, psychology, anesthesiology and vascular terminology while Unit Nine discusses anatomic terms and Unit 10 discusses surgery, diabetes, immunology, lesions, and prefixes related to number and direction. Unit 11 covers descriptive prefixes, asepsis, and pharmacology, Unit 12 covers prefixes of location and medication administration, and Unit 13 covers the respiratory system and the science of pulmonology. Finally, Unit 14 discusses word parts utilized when discussing night, sleep, split, the skeletal system and orthopedics and Unit 15 takes on ophthalmology, endocrinology and medical specialties. The various appendices cover error-prone abbreviations, abbreviations, and additional word parts, glossary of proper names for disease and procedures and the puzzle solution.

Each unit is divided into multiple frames, with each discussing an aspect for the unit. Included among the frames are word-building sketches which show the construction of a medical term. Also included within the units are pictures pertaining to a word to illustrate an example as well as case studies. Some frames are devoted to word root or combining form presentation in addition to suffixes and prefixes. Some of the frames also demonstrate use of the terms presented in earlier frames. Each unit wraps up with a professional profile, case study investigation and a review section. Review activities include fill-in-the-blank, matching, select/construct, define/dissect and a crossword puzzle. The last page of the review section is a glossary of terms presented in the unit.

After the appendices are 16 pages of flashcards. Each page is divided into 15 perforated sections containing several terms. The text also comes with a Study Ware CD which includes activities to reinforce the material covered in the text. Activities include quizzes, in practice and quiz mode. Practice mode enables the student to take the quiz as many times as possible while the quiz mode gives the student one chance, then logs a grade. Also included in the activities are spelling bees, Jeopardy-style games, and image identification as well as anatomy and physiology concept animations.

I found this human medical terminology text to be helpful and more comprehensive than its paperback cousin, but not as easy to follow. I think it is more helpful to have the glossary of terms at the beginning of the material instead of the very end. Although a good text for students, other texts might be more beneficial and less cumbersome to carry around. Veterinarians will have limited or no use for this book in practice.

Published and distributed by Delmar Cenage Learning (2010)

ISBN-13: 978-1-4354-3889-7

ISBN-10: 1-4354-3889-2

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Alternative Medicine
Animal Welfare
Client Education
Cytology / Hematology / Histology
Emergency Med
Food Animals/Livestock
Handling & Restraint
Human-Animal Bond
Imaging & Radiology
Infectious Diseases
Internal Medicine
Laboratory Medicine
Practice Management
Rabbits, Rodents & Ferrets
Shelter Medicine
Veterinary Education
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Brucellosis: Recent Developments towards “One Health” (VSPN)
Career Choices for Veterinary Technicians, Opportunities for Animal Lovers (VSPN)
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Cattle Medicine
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COMPAS Material Safety Data Systems
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Wildlife-Zoo Animals

Date Published: August 20, 2011

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