Career Choices for Veterinary Technicians: Opportunities for Animal Lovers
Rebecca Rose, CVT; Carin Smith, DVM

VSPN Review by Oreta M. Samples, DHSc, MPH, VT Star
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I am not sure what I expected to discover between the pages of Career Choices for Veterinary Technicians. The topic itself seemed to be one that a technician of fifteen years experience might not be drawn to. After all we have made our choices and report to work day after day for good or bad. However from the Foreword I was hooked by the exciting and engaging manner in which Cynthia Medina introduced Rebecca Rose and her contributions to the field of veterinary technology. The Preface follows as a glowing testament to the various paths that a high school senior or undecided major can take within the field of veterinary technology. Each chapter begins with a statement from a practicing technician who is currently engaged in the focus of the particular chapter topic which they are featured in.

While I read this book from cover to cover, the book is not meant to be digested so much as to serve as a point of reference for those with questions. And the questions need not come from those who are searching for a career path; this book is chock-full of interesting information on a variety of jobs available to those currently practicing in the field and range from the challenges of high energy emergency work with the sickest of the sick to the possibility of a directorship within a national organization where ones past knowledge and experience are used in a more managerial capability in support of the field. Regardless of whether a tech desires hands on daily work or prefers to contribute to the profession through other skills such as writing or managerial, there is a path for anyone who loves animals within the field of veterinary technology and this book will guide the reader through them all.

There is much said within the pages of this book about what a student must do to become a veterinary technician as well as the vast number of opportunities available to a vet tech both seasoned and newly graduated; however, I did not find the aged mantra of the three things that technicians are legally not allowed to do was presented readily. It would be helpful if the reader was apprised that as a technician they will not render a diagnosis, perform surgery or prescribe medications. This may aid in the decision to pursue a degree as a technician, a veterinarian or both in a chronological fashion.

As I read through this book, the sometimes confusing world of credentialing was explained in an easy-to-understand manner. Readers were also encouraged to keep an open mind when it comes to job choices with plenty of tips on how to approach the job search including an important differentiation between the Curriculum Vitae (C-V) and a resume. Readers are encouraged to research jobs to see if they are a good fit before attempting while also cautioned to develop skills in a variety of areas that enhance their chances including communication skills, computer skills and knowledge of appropriate software programs. A large section of the book presents a Q & A section for the reader to assess their options and limitations privately and thoughtfully.

This book provides a wealth of resources for anyone looking to enhance their career or to start one from scratch with a full complement of internet resources. With all of the areas to be pursued, this book is one that should be on the shelf of every high school guidance counselor as well as the office of college recruiters and admissions staff for the many undecided majors that are currently heading to college. In addition, this is a resource text for veterinarians and their staff who may speak for career education days or have staff members interested in furthering their careers in veterinary medicine. I soundly believe that Ms. Rose and Dr. Smith have developed quite possibly the best recruitment tool to be seen in a long while for the field of veterinary technology. This book ranks 5 stars.

Publisher: AAHA Press (2009)

ISBN: 978-158326-105-7.

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Date Published: September 18, 2009

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