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Barbara Fougere, BSc BVMS (Hons), BHSc (Comp med), MODT, MHSc (Herb Med), Grad Dip VA, Grad Dip VCHM, Grad Dip VWHM



  • Bachelor of Science, Murdoch University, 1983
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, Murdoch University, 1986

  • BHSc (Comp med) - Bachelor of Health Science - Complementary Medicine
  • MODT - Masters Organizational Development and Training (UNE/Southern Cross University 1995)
  • MHSc (Herb Med) - Masters in Health Science - Herbal Medicine
  • Grad Dip VA - Graduate Diploma Veterinary Acupuncture
  • Grad Dip VCHM - Graduate Diploma Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Grad Dip VWHM - Graduate Diploma Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine

Current Professional Activities

  • Faculty, College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies, Current
  • Board Member, American College of Veterinary Botanical Medicine, 2021
  • Board Member, VBMA, 2021
  • International Education Committee, IVAS, 2021
  • Author, educator, veterinary practitioner, herbalist, acupuncturist

Honors: Professional

  • Finalist, Pet Plan Veterinarian of the Year, 2017
  • Finalist, Veterinary Practice of the Year, 2017
  • Outstanding Leadership Award, World Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, 2015
  • Educator of the Year Award, AHVMA, 2011
  • Practitioner of the Year Award, AHVMA, 2010
  • Community Service Award (Re-homing Programs), Inaugural Australian Veterinary Association, 2004

Special Interests

  • Phytomedicine research and translation into veterinary medicine
  • Sustainability and climate change


  • Naturopaths and Herbalists Association Australia
  • American College Veterinary Botanical Medicine
  • American Holistic Veterinary Medicine Association
  • International Veterinary Acupuncture Association
  • Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association
  • Australian Veterinary Association
  • Integrative Veterinarians Australia Group
  • Australian Veterinary Acupuncture Group
  • Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine
  • American Botanical Council 

Current Research/Clinical Interests

  • Repurposed drugs for cancer
  • Cancer metabolism
  • EMT biology
  • LSD1 inhibitors


  • Karl (human)
  • Lulu, Lily, Sweetpea, Squiggle (Cats)
  • Ginger, Pepper, Vanilla, Nutmeg, Nigella, Willow, Lavender, Fennel (Chickens)
  • Zacchary, a 57-year-old Sulphur crested cockatoo


  • Silversmithing
  • Experimental cooking
  • Collecting antiquarian veterinary texts

Favorite Book, Movie, or Song

  • Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's Somewhere over the Rainbow

What you like most about VIN

  • Information at your fingertips