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Today's Veterinary Practice
Volume 7 | Issue 1 (Jan/Feb 2017)

Dermatology Details: Updates on the management of canine demodicosis

Today's Vet Pract. Jan/Feb 2017;7(1):77-85. 14 Refs
Sandra N Koch1
1 Veterinary Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, Saint Paul, MN, USA.

Author Abstract

Author Abstract

Canine demodicosis is a common inflammatory parasitic skin disease believed to be associated with a genetic or immunologic disorder. This disease allows mites from the normal cutaneous biota to proliferate in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands, leading to alopecia, erythema, …

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Archives Highlights:
A Novel Approach to Brachycephalic Syndrome. 2. Laser-Assisted Turbinectomy (LATE).
The obstructing parts of the conchae were safely and efficiently removed by LATE, shaping a patent nasal airway in all dogs. The newly developed surgical procedure involved 3 steps: turbinectomy of the (1) concha nasalis ventralis; (2) rostral aberrantly growing turbinates; and (3) caudal aberrantly growing turbinates. Complications of the procedure included transient intraoperative hemorrhage in 51 of 158 dogs (32.3%); however, a temporary tamponade was necessary in only 2/158 dogs (1.3%). After 6 months, regrowth of turbinates required resection of possibly re-obstructing tissue in 25/158 dogs (15.8%).
A Novel Imaging System Distinguishes Neoplastic from Normal Tissue During Resection of Soft Tissue Sarcomas and Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs.
The imaging system correctly distinguished cancer from normal tissue in 93/101 biopsies (92%). Using histology as the reference, the sensitivity and specificity of the imaging system for identification of cancer in biopsies were 92% and 92%, respectively. There were 10/19 (53%) dogs which exhibited transient facial erythema soon after injection of the imaging agent which responded to, but was not consistently prevented by, intravenous diphenhydramine.
Human behavior preceding dog bites to the face.
A human bending over a dog, putting the face close to the dog's face, and gazing between victim and dog closely preceded a dog bite to the face in 76%, 19%, and 5% of cases, respectively.
Prevalence of clinicopathological changes in healthy middle-aged dogs and cats presenting to veterinary practices for routine procedures.
Changes that were diagnostic of significant disease or warranting additional evaluation were identified in 25 dogs (6.2%). Changes diagnostic of significant disease or warranting additional evaluation were identified in 25 cats (19.2%).
Environmental and animal factors associated with gestation length in Holstein cows and heifers in two herds in the Czech Republic.
Gestation length in cows and heifers that calved in late fall and throughout winter was longer than in those that calved in spring and summer in both herds. Gestation length in females carrying male calves was longer than in those carrying female calves. Gestation length in cows and heifers carrying singles was longer than in those carrying twins in both herds.

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