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Much like my cell phone and computer, I wonder how I ever practiced without VIN. New (to me) treatment modalities are available at the click of a button. Lots more anecdotal and scientific information is a mouse click or two away. The Associate feature is also well received, not for its diagnostic abilities, but for improving my differential list and as a handy source for info on diseases already on my list. I think the "social" aspect of the network is also an excellent tool for us small town practitioners. Thanks for the service, the information, and the fellowship.
Larry Helm, DVM

Paul D. Pion, President & Co-Founder

Since 1991, VIN has provided a secure, veterinarians-only community. VIN is a place for clinical information, continual education, collegial support, and ancillary services that help you succeed and feel good about yourself and your practice. VIN members are never alone. Easy and fast access to the most complete, up-to-date database of veterinary information -- and the largest team of specialists dedicated to helping colleagues online -- means your patients and clients benefit from your participation in the largest veterinary medical practice in the world.

Owned and guided by veterinarians, VIN cares about you, your patients, your clients, your practice, and your staff. VIN succeeds because your colleagues choose to support the only independent, veterinary-focused online service that exists. VIN's mission, begun in 1991, continues today. Thank you for your support!

Paul D. Pion, President & Co-Founder

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