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My colleagues love VIN. How can I become a VIN Member?

I have been a VIN member for 5 months and have been very pleased with the support and advice of the VIN family. Really glad I made the jump to joining after I played with my boss's account to see how VIN worked. Anyway, have always felt kudos should be given when deserved, much more pleasant than constant criticism. Have always wanted to practice the best medicine I can and already VIN has helped me improve my PE technique and strengthen my diagnostic skills. A great big 'THANK YOU!! :-)' is in order. Looking forward to many years of association. My recent cable modem hook up is allowing more time for play, so I am finally able to start exploring all that VIN has to offer. Goody! Sorry if I sound like a giddy school girl. You have rekindled my enthusiasm which had waned in the past few years. :-)
Grace Amicone, DVM

Paul D. Pion, President & Co-Founder

Since 1991, VIN has provided a secure, veterinarians-only community. VIN is a place for clinical information, continual education, collegial support, and ancillary services that help you succeed and feel good about yourself and your practice. VIN members are never alone. Easy and fast access to the most complete, up-to-date database of veterinary information -- and the largest team of specialists dedicated to helping colleagues online -- means your patients and clients benefit from your participation in the largest veterinary medical practice in the world.

Owned and guided by veterinarians, VIN cares about you, your patients, your clients, your practice, and your staff. VIN succeeds because your colleagues choose to support the only independent, veterinary-focused online service that exists. VIN's mission, begun in 1991, continues today. Thank you for your support!

Paul D. Pion, President & Co-Founder

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